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Exterior Painting Services We Offer

Our exterior painting services are designed to provide a professional and efficient paint job that is tailored to your specific needs. With a team of experienced painters, we use high-quality paint and materials to ensure that your home or historic residence looks its best and is protected from the elements for years to come.

Ronbos team will professionally evaluate and recommend the necessary preparation work and correct product to produce a finish that will protect the quality, appearance, and longevity of the painted surface.

Exterior Painting

Whether the exterior of your home is constructed from wood siding, stucco, brick or vinyl our professional team has the knowledge to help you decide what products and finishes are best for the results you are looking to achieve. Our exterior services also include deck/porch and fence painting or staining.

Three factors contribute to the quality of a paint job. Proper preparation is the most important factor when it comes to producing a long-lasting and attractive final result. Prep is 90% of the job on the exterior. Our team servicing Chicagoland prepares your residential surfaces properly with sanding, caulking, and priming before a drop of paint is applied. If your project requires wood repair or replacement, our professional painters have the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to complete your project properly and efficiently. This ensures long-lasting integrity and beauty for years to come for your Cook or DuPage County, Illinois property.

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Exterior Historical Restoration

If your home was built between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, you are living in a historical home. Repairing and painting the exterior of these historical structures requires a more specialized skill set and pool of knowledge than more modern construction. Our more than three decades of restoring Chicagoland area residential properties have helped us to acquire a familiarity and understanding of these structures that our professional painters will use to make the exterior of your home the talk of the town!

Our skillful painters are raising the service standard for exterior painting services aimed at revamping the exterior of historical homes in Cook and DuPage County, IL. Read some of the local articles about the historical renovation awards our proud professional painters have earned in the links below. We incorporate our decades of experience painting vintage homes to ensure each and every exterior painting project begins promptly, progresses smoothly and results in the utmost satisfaction of the homeowner(s). That being said, we encourage any and all historical homeowners in Cook and DuPage County, Illinois to contact our in-house exterior painting experts when in need of quality painting services.

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Stucco Repair/Patch

Stucco is an exterior masonry finish cement-type mixture made of Portland cement, hydrated lime, sand, and water. It is a thin finish coat that goes on the outermost layer of residential constructions. Stucco damage commonly occurs from water or ice damage, foundation settling, and birds or woodpeckers.

A typical stucco repair project requires removing any broken, loose, or bulging stucco including the loose material where larger cracks have developed. A galvanized wire mesh is then attached to the underlying wood surface giving the stucco compound an acceptable surface to attach to. Next, the stucco compound is applied and allowed to cure. The final finishing step is applying the color coating.

We embrace the needs of our respective clients that are seeking exterior stucco services for their homes; when quality matters and timeframes are either flexible or stringent, our clients can take true solace in our exterior restoration and painting expertise. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling an exterior painting consultation for your residence in Cook or DuPage County, IL, please contact us here at Ronbos Fine Painting Inc!

Stucco Painting/Coating

Yes, the stucco exterior of your home can be painted to freshen up its appearance or even give it a whole new look. There are special exterior coatings that are designed for stucco application. A new coat of acrylic paint is a great way to increase your residential home's curb appeal, boost its value, and protect your exterior siding.

With any exterior paint project, proper preparation of the surface is key. Ronbos specializes in patching and matching the original stucco coatings from the early 1900s, our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and a wide variety of stipple tools and techniques to come as close as possible to the original finish where applicable.

Painting your exterior stucco siding with the correct products will provide some protection from the elements that cause it to deteriorate. It will help to resist water damage, mildew, and mold growth on your exterior walls.

Here at Ronbos Fine Painting Inc., our professional tradesman can provide solutions unmatched by any other painting business. Call or email us at your convenience when you find yourself in a situation where you need general upgrades, repairs, painting solutions, or stucco repairs to your home.

Deck/Porch/Fence Staining or Painting

Chicagoland extreme weather conditions from rain, snow, sleet, and the hot rays of the sun beating down can wreak havoc on the exterior wood elements of your home. Having your wood deck, porch or fence stained by Ronbos professional crew will help protect your investment and slow down the wear and tear these harsh weather conditions often inflict. Regular staining of your wood deck, porch, or fence can revive a tired worn-out structure and help add value to your home by prolonging its lifespan.

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Common Paint Issues

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